2024 Annual Fair

2024 St. Vital Agricultural Society’s Fair & Display

St. Vital Agricultural Society holds an Annual Fair and Display in August, with the dates to be determined each year. The Fair and Display offers an opportunity for members to participate in judged competitions with the hope of winning ribbons and prize money. There are a variety of areas in which to compete, including flowers and vegetables, flower arranging, painting, photography, baking, preserves, and handcrafts. There are categories for junior entrants, 16 years and younger, adult members and senior members, 65 years and older.

The items that the member wishes to enter for competition are brought to the exhibition arena on the evening prior to the judging, where they are tagged with the Fill-able Entry form (Additional Entry Form if you need additional pages) and entry fees paid. It is required that the completed entry form BE LEFT WITH THE SHOW SECRETARY AT TIME OF PLACING ENTRIES. Include Membership number, description of entries, section number. PLEASE PRINT your name, address, phone number, postal code and e-mail address. When the fair is open to the public, members are welcome to view the outcome of their entries based on the judge’s decision. The Annual Fair and Display is a great way for members to display their produce and work, with friendly competition among peers, many of whom are family and friends. Check the 2024 Fair-book.

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