Our History

St. Vital Agricultural Society has a long history and its story is still unfolding. It began in 1909 when a group of men formed the Pastime Club which later evolved into the St. Vital Agricultural Society. St. Vital, at the time, was an agricultural and market garden area, utilizing the rich farmland of the region.

Through the years, as St. Vital grew to become an urban community, the annual Fair and Display has evolved. The St. Vital Agricultural Society values the fellowship and friendly competition that has been associated with all of the past Fairs, and which continues today.

Our History Through the Media

Listed here are a few articles that have been collected over the years that display the dedication and love that goes into the St.Vital Agricultural Society.

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Master Gardeners Partnering with the St. Vital Agricultural Society

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Visions of a teaching garden growing on the greenway

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